Sunday, May 2, 2010

Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMTs) prediction for 2020

Sorry About the absence of the article, there is a lot of graphs and I couldn't get the format. Here's the link.


  1. According to these charts and information, we are expected to see a large rise in travel to Portland for things such as job, but not a large increase in travel inside of Portland for the same reason. I believe that this is blatant evidence of urban sprawl. The article refutes this point, however, and claims that the majority of travel inside the city for jobs and the such is done on public transit. Although the figures are unknown, it is likely that the VMTs of trimet are substantial in a given week. I will try to find an article and compare these two next week to see if the predictions for 2020 hint at more urban sprawl or an emphasis on SMART planning (which I am aware Portland tries to focus on).

  2. Interesting - seems like the city is attracting folks who want to use transit, while the 'burbs are attracting folks who don't.
    It seems like we should be focusing on developing densities necessary to support suburban transit expansion to head this increase off at the pass.But this may just be wishful thinking ...