Sunday, May 2, 2010

TRIMET General Manager Speaks about Cuts and Fare Increases

TriMet's Fred Hansen Announces Potential Cuts

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  1. I thought this video was much more important than the oregon-live post about the similar subject and I thought I should share it. I think it is amazing that the GM of TRIMET is concerned with public opinion. The fact that he claimed to seek the effected rider's standpoint on the subject is amazing, but I am not so sure how valuable it will be as these lines have the lowest ridership. As for the fare increase I do not think it will effect the infrastructure of Portland's public transit negatively. On the contrary, Fred Hansen's comment on how we need to plan for future residents and how to cater to their their transportation needs could bee solved with an increased fare and thus revenue. Hopefully we will see this money go not only to the budget downfalls, but increased bus lines in future highly traveled areas. This in turn would create a much more livable Portland with less cars and pollution. This is key to the balance of SMART planning.